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Ground Expedite

Time Crunch? No Problem. Ground Expedite: Deliveries When Minutes Matter.


Need a shipment delivered quickly, but airfreight isn't feasible? Ground expedite services offer a reliable and often more cost-effective solution. Whether you're facing a production line shutdown or need critical medical supplies delivered urgently, ground expedite can bridge the gap between standard shipping and airfreight.


What are Ground Expedite Services?

Ground expedite services use dedicated vehicles and drivers to transport your shipment directly from origin to destination, bypassing traditional shipping hubs and terminals. This significantly reduces transit times compared to standard ground shipping.

Benefits of Ground Expedite:

  • Faster delivery times: Get your shipment there in hours or days, not weeks.

  • Cost-effective: Often cheaper than airfreight, especially for larger or heavier shipments.

  • Direct delivery: No need to worry about multiple handoffs or potential delays at sorting facilities.

  • Real-time tracking: Monitor your shipment's progress every step of the way.

  • Flexible solutions: Choose from a variety of vehicle types and service levels to meet your specific needs.

Types of Ground Expedite Services:

  • Direct Drive: A single driver transports your shipment in a dedicated vehicle, ensuring the fastest possible delivery.

  • Team Drive: Two drivers alternate shifts, keeping the shipment moving around the clock for even faster transit times.

  • Hot Shot: Ideal for smaller, urgent shipments, hot shot services use cargo vans or pickup trucks for quick deliveries.

  • Expedited LTL: For larger shipments that don't require a full truckload, expedited LTL services offer faster transit times than standard LTL shipping.

When to Choose Ground Expedite:

  • Time-sensitive shipments: When you need your shipment delivered urgently to avoid production downtime, missed deadlines, or other critical issues.

  • High-value goods: For valuable or fragile items, the added security and control of ground expedite can provide peace of mind.

  • Limited airfreight options: If airfreight is unavailable or cost-prohibitive, ground expedite can be a viable alternative.

  • Weekend or holiday deliveries: When standard shipping services are unavailable, ground expedite can ensure your shipment arrives on time.

Choose the Equipment for Your Expedited Shipment:

Cargo Van

Compact and maneuverable, cargo vans are ideal for smaller shipments or deliveries within tight urban areas. They offer convenient access through rear and side doors.

  • Dimensions: Typically range from 10-17 feet in length, 6-7 feet in width, and 6-8 feet in height. Cargo capacity varies from 260 to 480 cubic feet.

  • Best for: Small freight, medical supplies, electronics, legal documents, automotive parts.

Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van.png

Larger than cargo vans, Sprinter vans provide ample space for medium-sized shipments while still offering good maneuverability. They come in high-roof options for extra vertical space.

  • Dimensions: Typically range from 14-17 feet in length, 6-7 feet in width, and 6-10 feet in height. Cargo capacity varies from 480 to 680 cubic feet.

  • Best for: Larger furniture, machinery parts, event equipment, medical equipment, temperature-sensitive goods.

Straight Truck

Straight Truck.jpeg

Straight trucks offer significant cargo capacity for larger shipments and palletized goods. They provide easy loading and unloading through a liftgate or dock door.

  • Dimensions: Typically range from 16-26 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8-10 feet in height. Cargo capacity varies from 1,200 to 2,600 cubic feet.

  • Best for: Palletized freight, building materials, large appliances, industrial equipment, automotive parts.

Semi Truck


The king of ground expedite, 53' or semi trucks offer the largest cargo capacity, making them ideal for massive shipments, heavy industrial equipment, or large quantities of palletized goods. They require more planning and route considerations due to their size and weight.

  • Dimensions: Trailers typically range from 53-57 feet in length and 8.5 feet in width. Cargo capacity varies from 3,000 to 4,400 cubic feet.

  • Best for: Large industrial equipment, machinery, building materials, large furniture sets, cross-country shipments of high-volume goods.

Team Drivers

Team Drivers.jpg

This service utilizes two drivers who alternate shifts, keeping your shipment moving 24/7 for the fastest possible delivery times, ideal for urgent, cross-country shipments.

  • Vehicle: Typically uses a straight truck or trailer, depending on shipment size.

  • Best for: Time-critical shipments, high-value goods, long-distance deliveries, temperature-sensitive products.

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