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Air Freight


Soar Above the Competition with Reliable Air Freight Solutions from DTW Airport

What is Air Freight from DTW Airport?

Experience world-class air freight services directly from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). Strategically located as a major international hub, DTW offers unparalleled connectivity and efficiency for your time-sensitive and valuable cargo. Whether you're shipping across the United States, to Europe, or beyond, our extensive network ensures seamless door-to-door delivery with unmatched speed and reliability.

When to Choose Air Freight from DTW Airport:

  • Unmatched Speed: Reach international markets within hours, not days, with expedited air freight options. Ideal for perishables, high-value goods, and critical shipments.

  • Global Reach: Expand your business horizons with convenient connections to over 150 cities worldwide through DTW's extensive network of passenger and cargo airlines.

  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from DTW's state-of-the-art security measures and dedicated cargo facilities, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable shipments.

  • Streamlined Customs Clearance: Leverage our expertise in navigating customs regulations at DTW, minimizing delays and ensuring smooth cargo flow.

Our Comprehensive Air Freight Services from DTW:

  • Express: Prioritize your most urgent shipments with same-day or overnight delivery options.

  • Standard: Enjoy reliable and cost-effective air freight for your time-sensitive cargo.

  • Charter: Gain complete control and flexibility with dedicated charter flights tailored to your specific needs and schedule.

  • Dangerous Goods: Trust our expertise in handling hazardous materials according to IATA regulations, ensuring safe and compliant transportation.

  • Specialized Cargo: We expertly handle delicate or temperature-controlled cargo with specialized equipment and procedures, preserving its quality and integrity.

Additional Benefits of Our Air Freight Services from DTW:

  • Dedicated Customer Support: Our team of air freight specialists at DTW is available 24/7 to answer your questions, address concerns, and provide personalized support.

  • Real-time Tracking: Gain complete peace of mind with our advanced tracking system, offering real-time visibility into your shipment's location and progress.

  • Competitive Rates: We leverage our extensive network and partnerships to negotiate the best possible rates for your air freight shipments from DTW.

Elevate Your Business with Air Freight from DTW Airport

Contact us today for a free quote and discover how our streamlined air freight solutions from DTW Airport can propel your business to new heights. Experience the unparalleled speed, global reach, and security that DTW offers, and focus on what matters most – growing your business successfully.

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